Increase Value On Your Property

Increase Value On Your Property


Why All Multifamily Properties Need Electric Vehicle Charging Before Their Next Sale or Acquisition

What Every Property Manager Needs to Know

Multifamily properties find that electric vehicle charging stations are underused. There are easy changes that will lead to more residents using them AND turn it from an expensive amenity to an additional revenue stream.

Inside the report we reveal research on what top multifamily executives are doing with electric vehicle charging and how to turn it into a money making machine.

From Amenity to Revenue Stream

Only four EV charging stations could cost $1000 every month in electricity alone. This is an expense that only luxury apartments afford.

The multifamily industry is looking at it wrong. Transforming EV charging into a revenue stream lets every property use it.

Increase Resident Satisfaction

We hear often that the EV charging stations already on a property are rarely used.

Property managers don't realize that many vehicles are left in the EV charging spaces to keep them "topped off", preventing other residents from using them.

Investment Impact

Investors need to include electric charging capacity in their due diligence reports.

Not all multifamily electrical systems are prepared for electric vehicle charging. Adding additional power can be a costly endeavor if the property is not prepared for it.

Governmental Compliance

Local and state governments are starting to create EV requirements for multifamily properties. Any multifamily investment could be impacted.

Will your property be prepared for these changes, or will you be caught by surprise?

See What Top Multifamily Executives Are Doing to Tackle Electric Vehicle Charging

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